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Former Reference - D41/3/4/2; Reference - SLS/D41/3/4/2;

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Typed extract from "Musées Imperiaux Ottomans: Catalogue des Sculptures Grecques, Romaines et Byzant » see more

Article (part): "The Tibu Peoples and the Libyan Desert", by Major R F Peel » see more

"Archaeology" (journal) » see more

"The Tripolitanian Gebel: Settlement of the Roman Period Around Gasr Ed-Dauun", by David Oates » see more

"Inscriptions de la Tripolitaine Romaine a Propos d'un Livre Récent", by H G Pflaum » see more

"Due nuove colonne miliarie scoperte presso Leptis Magna" ("Two new milestones discovered at Leptis » see more

"A Socketed Axehead of Iron", by D J Smith » see more

"Excavation at Germa, the Capital of the Garamants: Preliminary Report", by Ayoub M S » see more

"Cyrene and Apollonia: An Historical Guide", by Richard Goodchild » see more

"Sulle Iscrizioni 'Latino-Libiche' della Tripolitania", by G Levi Della Vida » see more

"A New Herniaria L (Illecegraceae) from Libya", by C C Townsend » see more

"Geology and Archaeology of Northern Cyrenaica, Libya" (F T Barr, ed) » see more

Photocopied extract from book: "Recherches sur le Limes Tripolitanus du Chott el-Djerid à la frontiè » see more

"The Garamantes" by Charles M Daniels » see more

"Le Ville Marittime di Silin (Leptis Magna)", by Eugenia Salza Prina Ricotti » see more

"Sur quelques inscriptions énigmatiques des confins Nigéro-Fezzanais" ("On some enigmatic inscriptio » see more

"Libyans and the 'Limes': Culture and Society in Roman Tripolitania", by D J Mattingly » see more

Article: "From Sofeggin to Zemzem" by Graeme Barker and Barri Jones » see more