The original materials used to build the Gazetteer were assembled for the digital edition of materials collected by Joyce Reynolds, in the Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania, and the Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica (forthcoming). We then added the sites described by Philip Kenrick, Libya Archaeological Guides, Tripolitania,  (Silphium Press 2009) and, with Ahmed Buzaian, Cyrenaica (Silphium Press 2013).

We are adding material from the Pleiades gazetteer of the ancient world,, which is largely based on the work, over many years, of David Mattingly ( published in the Barrington Atlas in 2000:  Tripolitana, map 35 and Map-by-Map Directory p. 529–44; Garama, map 36 and Map-by-Map Directory p.  545 – 51; Syrtica, map 37 and Map-by-Map Directory p.  552 – 57; Cyrene, map 38 and Map-by-Map Directory p.  558 – 69; Ammon, map 73 and Map-by-Map Directory p.  1108 – 16. We are also adding names and variants from David Mattingly's Archaeology of the Fazz?n (London, 2003-2013, available open access from the Society for Libyan Studies:

We are also drawing on other online resources such as the Gazetteer of the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut and Trismegistos Places ( Whenever possible we are providing the names for locations found in Geonames,

For many locations we are providing more than one set of co-ordinates, with an attribution. We very much hope that this material will be refined over time.

The materials in the Archives are items which have been given to the Society over many years. We hope that this publication will encourage scholars to make fuller use of these materials, and to enhance the online resource.