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Split boulder behind cluster of large boulders adjacent to small circular stone placement on southern flank of ZIN spur. Possibly originally upstanding and split after carvings were made. Carvings on sloping upper surface. Location: 26°31.06902' 013°02.06100'. Orientation: ESE. Inclination: 55°.


Two humans: Pecked outlines of two humans facing right, one on each side of split panel. Human on left is moving to right, aiming spear with right arm and holding another spear and circular shield with design in left hand. Incised line above second spear. Headdress with two feathers or protuberances, possibly added later. Incised X between legs. Figure on right has double triangle body with cupmark at waist, arms raised to shoulder height and bent at elbows with hands and fingers depicted. Left hand holds vertical linear object with triangular lower end. Headdress with single feather or protuberance. Incised line (spear?) extending diagonally from neck. Feet face right, thick pecked line extends horizontally to right of feet.

Custodian History

Deposited with the Society for Libyan Studies Online Archive by Tertia Barnett in 2019

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Published Figure 7.23 First noted by Charles Daniels. Mattingly et al (2007: 96)


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