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The archive includes all the visual, spatial, descriptive and numerical data from the Wadi al-Ajal Rock Art Project, funded by The Society for Libyan Studies and The British Academy. This project involved 4 seasons of fieldwork in the Wadi al-Ajal, south west Libya, between 2004 and 2009, in order to undertake systematic survey and recording of rock engravings from 14 contiguous survey areas within a 60km stretch of the Wadi al-Ajal. The survey identified 2450 engraved rocks, the vast majority of which have not previously been recorded. The data were subsequently analysed and interpreted, and published in Tertia Barnett, 2019. An Engraved Landscape: rock carvings in the Wadi al-Ajal, Libya'. 2 Volumes (Volume 1: Synthesis; Volume 2: Gazetteer). London: Society for Libyan Studies. (Barnett 2019)


The material is structured around 14 contiguous areas surveyed within the Wadi al-Ajal: BOU = Wadi Bouzna; CHA = El-Charaig; ELH = El-Hatiya; FJJ = Fjej; FUG = Fugar; GRA = Gragra; GSC = Germa Escarpment; LGR = El-Greifa; MAK = Maknusa; TAG = Taglit; TEK = Tekertibah; TWE = Twesh; UAT = Uatuat; ZIN = Zinchecra

Custodian History

The collection was deposited with the Society for Libyan Studies Online Archive by Tertia Barnett in 2019

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Another copy deposited with Edinburgh University Research Services

Notes - Available online only; Creative Commons CC BY

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