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Reference - SLS/D24/12/1/13

Extent - 73 photographs

Calm Format - Document


"Photographs and contact sheets of images taken during expeditions to North Africa which do not feature a manuscript serial number or caption and which cannot be located within the Daniels' photograph notebooks.", File includes photographs showing an elevated general view of buildings in Zinchecra (1965); a close-up view of an-situ floor mosaic depicted an elephant; a close-up, partial view of a Zliten mosaic in the Tripoli Museum depicting a male figure standing in a chariot, facing the head of a leopard; photograph shows a close-up view of a man and a woman standing on a desert plain, the woman in the photograph appears to be Olwen Brogan; photograph showing wide-angle view of a man and woman [Olwen Brogan? standing in an open desert plain, mountains can be seen in the background of the image and a photograph showing a woman [Olwen Brogan? standing in front of a partially collapsed stone wall, she is holding a ranging pole against the stone wall.', There are also seven photographs showing two unidentified arches surrounded by modern buildings; seven photographs showing stone decoration and house entrances at Lepcis Magna and one photograph taken by John B. Ward Perkins of a stone decoration at the Severan Forum, Lepcis Magna (1946).'

Notes - Catalogued, Access by appointment. Letter of introduction required.

Former Reference - D24/12/1/13; Reference - SLS/D24/12/1/13;

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