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Reference - SLS/D24/5/2/1

Extent - 15 pages

Calm Format - Document


'Multiple versions of a scheme for Spring campaigns in the Libyan Sahara, "A Study of the Garamantes of Fezzan and their Relations with the Roman Empire". The scheme was updated as the project progressed an individual proposals are present for 1966 - 1970, 1967 - 1971 and 1973.', The former of these features manuscript note on front page, "Academy reports for 1967 - 8". The reports present a scheme outline, completed by Daniels, for five Spring campaigns in the Libyan Sahara to study the remains of the Garamantian Kingdom and evidence of its relations with Rome.', The file also includes two versions of the report specifically for the 1973 season.'

Notes - Catalogued, Access by appointment. Letter of introduction required.

Former Reference - D24/5/2/1; Reference - SLS/D24/5/2/1;