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Extent - 594 photographs


'Prints of photographs relating to Ghirza. The photographs pertain to Building 32, general buildings, altars, tombs, cemeteries, wells, coins, botanical remains, pottery, small finds, mirror boxes, textiles, stone and decorative features.', Inserts within the file is a letter from Helen Winehouse of the Royal Scottish Museum, Department of Art and Archaeology, to David Smith regarding Romano-Egyptian mirror boxes (19 April 1979, 3 pages). The file is stored in fourteen folders which have been subnumbered 1 - 14.'

Notes - Catalogued, Access by appointment. Letter of introduction required.

Dore reference - 1989.0033; Previous reference - 2012.0332;


Image 38: Gasr el Banat: Above: Building. Below: Inscribed architrave (IRT 891: http://inslib.kcl.ac.uk/irt2009/IRT891.html)

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