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Reference - SLS/D1/3/3

Extent - 4 files and 2 items

Calm Format - Document


'Series of notes concerning sites visited in Libya, other than Ghirza and Tocra. With the exception of Tripolitania Field Sheets, the material within the series concerns sites in Cyrenaica.'

Notes - Catalogued, Access by appointment. Letter of introduction required.

Former Reference - D1/3/3; Reference - SLS/D1/3/3;

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Slonta, Cyrenaica. » see more

Rock-Sculptures at Slonta, Cyrenaica. » see more

Phycus, Cyrenaica. » see more

Tariq Enver [Anwar] Bey, Cyrenaica. » see more

Antiquities of Barce, Cyrenaica. » see more

Tripolitania Field Sheets, 1967. » see more