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'Draft chapters for the publication on Ghirza, many of the chapters feature manuscript annotations and corrections.'

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Former Reference - D1/1/4/1; Reference - SLS/D1/1/4/1;

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"Provisional Reconstruction of the History of Ghirza". » see more

"The History of the Settlement at Ghirza". » see more

"History and Culture of the Settlement". » see more

"Historical Notes". » see more

"Building 32". » see more

"The History of the Buildings". » see more

"Agriculture". » see more

"Agriculture at Ghirza". » see more

"The Size of Farms at Ghirza". » see more

"Climate and Agriculture". » see more

"The Cultivation of the Wadis". » see more

"Various Notes - Temple". » see more

"The Frontier Zone: Settlement and Defence". » see more

"A Romano-Libyan Temple at Ghirza in Tripolitania". » see more

"The Tripolitanian Pre-Desert". » see more

"The Frontier Gsur". » see more

"Limitanei and Gentiles". » see more

Map, "The Roman Frontier Settlement at Ghirza in Libya [Tripolitania]". » see more

Arabic Synopsis. » see more