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Reference - SLS/D1/1/1/3

Extent - 405 pages and 1 photograph

Calm Format - Document


'Correspondence, primarily between David J. Smith and Olwen Brogan [c/o Hackett, relates to the content and publication of report on Ghirza. Letters have been arranged chronologically with undated letters placed at the end of the file. The file also includes correspondence between Smith and Brogan and L.P. Morley, University Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Cambridge; Michael E. Gough; Lieutenant Colonel Mordechai Gichon, Department of History, University of Tel-Aviv, Israel; Tom D. Tremlett, Assistant Secretary at the Society of Antiquaries of London, Piccadilly; D.E.L. Haynes, Keeper at the Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities, British Museum, London; J.R. Teggin, Director at the Ministry of Technology Building Research Station, Watford; R.H. Pinder-Wilson, Department of Oriental Antiquities, The British Museum, London; Reverend Professor J. Martin Plumly, Library of Egyptology, Mill Lane, Cambridge; A.F. Shore, Department of Egyptian Antiquities at the British Museum, London; Dr Abbas Hamdani, the American University at Cairo, Egypt; David Parrish; J.A. Allan of the Society for Libyan Studies, 31/34 Gordon Square, London; John Hayes, Carthage [temporary address; Paul Arthur, Institute of Archaeology, 31/34 Gordon Square, London; Graeme Barker at the Department of Prehistory and Archaeology, University of Sheffield; Ess. Mahmud Abouhamed/ Abou Hamed at the Department of Antiquities, Serai el Hamra, Tripoli, Libyan Arab Republic; Ess. Dr Abdallah Shaiboub, Director of Publications at the Department of Antiquities, As-Sarail al-Hamra, Tripoli, Libya; Londia Whittaker, Messrs. Robert Matthew, Johnson-Marshall and Partners, 15 Hill Street, Edinburgh, and Egr. Signore Domenico D.Agostino, c/o Publicomes s.r.l., Roma, Italy. It should be noted that a number of the letters intended for David J. Smith have also been addressed to Charlotte Tagart.'

Notes - Catalogued, Access by appointment. Letter of introduction required.

Former Reference - D1/1/1/3; Reference - SLS/D1/1/1/3;

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