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Reynolds, IRT Chapter 13: The milestones of Tripolitania, which form a clearly-defined category of inscriptions and, by their nature, disregard the limits of the regional groups into which the majority of the remaining inscriptions naturally fall, are here collected under the following headings: I) The Coast Road, the Tripolitanian sector of the great trunk road from Carthage to Alexandria. II) The Eastern Djebel Road, from Lepeis Magna to the Tarhuna area, a sector of the iter quod limitem Tripolitanum ducit (Itin.Ant.), the Escarpment Road, which ran westwards from Lepcis Magna, following the crest of the Djebel, and served, after the Severan reorganization of the frontier, as a rear line of communication for the military zone. As yet no milestones have been recorded west of Thenadassa (Ain Wif). III) The Central Road to the Fezzan, from Oea to Mizda. IV) The Upper Sofeggin Road, linking the Escarpment Road, at a point near Zintan, to the Central Road, at Mizda. V) Milestones of uncertain origin.

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