Caesareum, Cyrene



Latitude: 32.818056, Longitude: 21.858583

Provenance: GPS Walda

Latitude: 32.81805, Longitude: 21.858491

Provenance: Google Earth

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Agora, forum, plaza , Public or civic building/stoa/gymnasium

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Large architectural complex on the east side of the Acropolis ridge in Cyrene. It was probably built at the beginning of the first century AD and used as gymnasium, but was repurposed as forum in Flavian times, when the rooms north of the complex were levelled to build a large basilica. Various ruins can still be seen, including the podium of a temple in the central area, possibly dedicated to Dionysos. A fragmentary inscription referring to the "portico of Caesar" found over the inner side of the porch, led the site to be known as Caesareum. Kenrick, site plan 2

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