Wadi Zamzam



Latitude: 31.4, Longitude: 15.283333

Provenance: NGA

Latitude: 31.4, Longitude: 15.28333 , Altitude: 25m

Provenance: Geonames

Latitude: 30.5, Longitude: 13.5

Provenance: Pleiades

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Area (conceptual/geographic) , River/drainage/wadi

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Reynolds, IRT, Chapter 11: The Wadi Zemzem lies some 50-60 km. to the south-east of the Wadi Sofeggin, and it includes Ghirza, the largest inhabited centre in the whole of the frontier zone. Near the head of the Wadi, not far from the eastern fringe of the Hamada el-Hamra, is the legionary fortress of Ghériat el-Garbia. This was one of the three outlying posts established by Severus and by his immediate successors to guard the main caravan-routes up from the interior. It marks the extreme southern fringe of an area in which numerous limitane settlements are known to exist.

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