Latitude: 30.116957, Longitude: 9.471281

Provenance: Google Earth

Latitude: 30.1425, Longitude: 9.714722

Provenance: Kenrick GPS

Latitude: 30.13366, Longitude: 9.50072 , Altitude: 308m

Provenance: Geonames

Latitude: 30.1558236, Longitude: 9.555711

Provenance: Pleiades

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Variant names

  • غدامس (Arabic)
  • Cidamus (Latin)
  • Cydamae (Latin)
  • Cydamus (Latin)
  • Gadames
  • Gadamis
  • Ghadames (English)
  • Ghedames (Italian)
  • Ghudamis
  • Rhadames
  • ʕademis
  • Κιδαμή (Ancient Greek)
  • Гадамес (Russian)

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Chapter 12.ii of Reynolds, IRT: Ghadames, with an adequate water-supply and sited on an important line of communication, was already inhabited in the first century AD it has survived to the present day as an important centre for trans-Saharan trade.

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