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Extent - 17 files

Calm Format - Illustration

Former Reference - D23/2

Reference - SLS/D23/2


'Series of drawing pertaining to the pottery of Fazzan for "The Fazzan Project" and related publications "The Archaeology of Fazzan" monograph series. The drawings appear to have been copied from or based on the original drawings of Charles Daniels.', Drawings are present relating to finds from multiple Fazzan sites including Charaig, Cleff, Fugar, Gasr ben Dougba, Gelah, Germa Escarpment, Gragra, Leksair, Rugherbah, Saniat Gebril, Saniat Suleiman Craida, Taglit, Tinda, Twesh and Zouayya.'

Within this series:

Saniat Gebril Pottery Drawings. » see more

El-Charaig, [Cleff], Fjej, Fugar and Gasr ben Dougba. » see more

Gelah, Gragra, Germa Escarpment, Leksair and Rugherbah. » see more

[Saniat Suleiman Craida?], Taglit and Tinda. » see more

Twesh and Zouayya. » see more

Amphora Drawings Already Published in AF2 [Archaeology of Fazzan: Volume 2?]. » see more

Oversized Fezzan Amphora Drawings. » see more

Miscellaneous Fezzan Pottery and Small Finds Drawings. » see more