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Reference - SLS/D14/8


"Photographs, including prints, contact sheets and negatives, relate to Riley's work on Cyrenaican coarse ware.", Photographs show coarse ware from multiple sites in Cyrenaica, including (but not necessarily limited to) Ajdabiyah, Apollonia, Benghazi, Berenice, Cyrene, Jalo, Medina es Sultan, Ptolemais, Selmani, Sidi Khrebish, Tauchira [Tocra and Tolmeita. There are also photographs present of ware from site outside of Libya such as Alexandria in Egypt and Pompeii, Italy.', Series contains photographs which were eventually published in "Excavations at Sidi Khrebish Benghazi (Berenice): Volume II" along with unpublished photographs from the same expeditions. Some of the photographs also appear in "Excavations of a Kiln Site at Tocra Libya in August 1974" in Libyan Studies, Volume Six, (January, 1975).'

Within this series:

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