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Articles, essays and reports collected by Smith related to various sites in Libya and Morocco. The series includes papers regarding Euesperides, Tocra, Fezzan and Tripolitania. Among the authors are J. Boardman, Olwen Brogan and Charles M. Daniels.

Within this series:

Euesperides - A Devastated City Site. » see more

"Archaeological Report: The Roman Frontier in French Morocco". » see more

"Geographical Report: Three Studies in the Geography of Morocco". » see more

"In the Footsteps of the Romans". » see more

"Greco-Roman Site Finds from the Libyan Desert". » see more

"Excavations at Tocra in Libya, 1964-66". » see more

"The Garamantes of Fezzan: A memorandum on present research and policy". » see more

"Annual Report of the Society for Libyan Studies, 1969 - 70". » see more

"Inscriptions in the Libyan Alphabet from Tripolitania and some notes on the Tribes of the Region". » see more

"Reflections on a Type of Minor Fortlet". » see more

"Interim Report of the Work Carried Out by the 1971 Expedition to Fezzan, Libya". » see more

"Town and Country in Roman Tripolitania: Papers in Honour of Olwen Hackett." » see more

"The Outline of a Plan for Further Garamantian Studies". » see more

"The Centenaria of Tripolitania and their Antecedents". » see more