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Extent - 7 files

Calm Format - Document

Former Reference - D14/7

Reference - SLS/D14/7


Files and items which do not fit into any of the other defined series. The series includes pottery profiles and drawings from the 1974 Tocra expeditions; quantification tables for Sidi Khrebish, stamp rubbings for Carthage, Cyrene, and Tocra; bibliography cards and a folder contains assorted items relating to work carried out at Cyrenaica.

Within this series:

Pottery Profile Drawings and Plans. » see more

Quantification Tables for Sidi Khrebish. » see more

Bibliography Cards. » see more

Carthage Rubbings. » see more

Cyrene Stamp Rubbings. » see more

Tocra Stamp Rubbings. » see more

Miscellaneous Notes and Documents. » see more