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"Zweiter Vortrag Über Babel und Bibel" (Second Lecture About Babel and the Bible) by Friedrich Delit » see more

"Eine Neuartige Grabanlage der Latène-Zeit in Wallertheim, Rheinhessen" (A New Grave Site of the La » see more

"Agricola in Britain" by Sir George MacDonald » see more

"Fornvannen" (Swedish journal of antiquarian research), no. 6 » see more

"L'Archéologie Gallo-Romaine" by Adrien Blanchet » see more

"Orientalische Glasgefässe in Skandinavien" (Oriental Glass Vessels in Scandinavia) by Gunnar Ekholm » see more

"Notes on Roman Buildings" » see more

"African Elephants and Ancient Authors" by Sir William Gowers » see more

"Le Premier Voyage d'Hadrien" by Michel Labrousse » see more

"Une première campagne de fouilles à Alba Fucens" (A first series of excavations at Alba Fucens) by » see more

"Les fouilles à Alba Fucens" (The excavations at Alba Fucens) by F De Visscher » see more

"Der Obergermanische Limes und Spätrömische Wehranlagen am Rhein" (The Upper German Limes and Late-R » see more

"St Severin zu Köln" by Herbert Rode » see more

"The Ara Pacis Reconsidered and Historical Art in Roman Italy" by Jocelyn M C Toynbee » see more

"The Cities of the Roman Empire: Political, Administrative and Judicial Institutions" by A H M Jones » see more

"Guide de Sommières" » see more

"Deux Problèmes du de Bello Gallico. I: Qui fut Vercingetorix?" (Two Problems of the Gallic War. I: » see more

"Eine Etruskische Bronzeschnabelkanne" (An Etruscan Bronze Jug) by Otto-Harman Frey » see more

"Les Routes Romaines de la Belgique" by Joseph Mertens » see more

"Die Aula Palatina in Trier" (The Palatine Auditorium in Trier) by Wilhelm Reusch and "Die Heizung d » see more

"Ein Altchristlicher Bleisarkophag mit Reliefschmuck im Thermenmuseum zu Rom" (An Ancient Christian » see more

"Roman Tombs at 'Kambi', Vasa" by J Du Plat Taylor » see more

"Augusta Vindelicum: Die Hauptstadt der Römischen Provinz Raetien" (Augusta Vindelicum: The Capital » see more

"Das Lagerdorf des Kastells Butzbach" (The Camp at Kastell Butzbach) by Werner Jorns » see more

"Catalogue des Collections Archéologiques de Besancon II - Les Fibules Gallo-Romaines" by L Lerat » see more

"La Carrière de C Aufidius Victorinus, Condisciple de Marc Aurèle" (The Career of C Aufidius Victori » see more

"La Monnaie de Trèves a L'Époque des Empereurs Gallo-Romains" (The Coinage of Trier in the Era of th » see more

"Monnaies Gauloises" by Gabrielle Fabre and Monique Mainjonet » see more

"Etruscan and Roman Roads in Southern Etruria" by J B Ward Perkins » see more

"Archaeology in the North of England" by E Birley » see more

"Colonia Agrippinensis: Kurzer Rundgang durch das Römische Köln" (Colonia Agrippinensis: A Short Tou » see more

"Das Römische Neuss" (Roman Neuss) by Harald Von Petrikovits » see more

"Une Question Césarienne non Résolue: La Campagne de 51 Contre Les Bellovaques et sa Localisation" ( » see more

"Die Römische Besiedlung der Bislicher Insel bei Xanten (Gde Wardt, Kr Moers) als geomorphologisches » see more

"A Palmyrene Sculptor at South Shields?" by David Smith » see more

"Das Fortleben Römischer Städte an Rhein und Donau im Frühen Mittelalter" (The Survival of Roman Tow » see more

"Anregungen zur Zusammenarbeit von Archäologen mit Berg und Hüttenleuten" (Proposals for Collaborati » see more

"Surveying for Archaeologists" by D H Fryer » see more

"Zu Einigen Schhwertscheiden aus La Tène" (On Some La Tène Scabbards) by José Maria de Navarro » see more

"Amphoras and the Ancient Wine Trade" by Virginia Grace » see more

"The Excavation of a Romano-British Settlement in Kings Wood, Sanderstead" by R I Little » see more

"Roman Timber Building" by I A Richmond » see more

"Roman Barrows in Britain" by R F Jessup » see more

"Another Esarhaddon Cylinder from Nimrud" by P Hulin » see more

"The Excavations at Nimrud (Kalhu), 1962" by David Oates » see more

"The Inscriptions on the Carved Throne-Base of Shalmaneser III" by P Hulin » see more

"Lamps from the Athenian Agora" by Judith Perlzweig » see more

"Southern Etruria 50-40 BC: An Attack on Veii in 41 BC" by G D B Jones » see more

"Ebrei a Roma e ad Ostia" (Jews in Rome and Ostia) by Maria Floriani Squarciapino » see more

"Excavations Beside the North-West Gate at Veii 1957-58. Part II. The Pottery" by Leslie Murray Thre » see more

"Guida alla Scultura di Luni" by Giacomo Caputo » see more

"Guida alle Antichità Mesopotamiche e Cipriote" (Guide to Mespotamian and Cypriot Antiquites) by Pao » see more

"Un Cavalluccio di Impasto da Veio" (An Impasto Seahorse from Veii) by Ingrid Pohl » see more

"Die Engehalbinsel bei Bern, ihre Topographie und ihre Wichtigsten vor und Frühgeschichtlichen Denkm » see more

"Phytogeography and Taxonomy of Pinus Subsection Balfourianae" by D K Bailey » see more

"A Foreign Motif in Etruscan Jewellery" by W Culican » see more

"A Note on Five Inscriptions in Swansea" by Roger Ling » see more

"A Problem in the Siege of Praeneste, 82 BC" by R G Lewis » see more

"The Literary Sources for the Pre-Marian Army" by Elizabeth Rawson » see more

"The Lead Glazed Wares of Roman Britain" by Paul Arthur » see more