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'Hard copies of papers given at the conference on Libya in History at the University of Libya.'


'Papers have been arranged alphabetically by author.'

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Former Reference - D1/6/4; Reference - SLS/D1/6/4;

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"Reflections on the Greek Pottery Trade with Tocra". » see more

"First and Second Century Settlement in the Tripolitanian Pre-Desert". » see more

"A Propos de L.Epigramme D'Eupolemos". » see more

"The Sanusiya in the First World War". » see more

"The Garamantes of Fezzan". » see more

"Les Emporia de Tripolitaine dans le Rayonnement de Carthage et d'Alexandrie: les MausolĂ©es Punico-H » see more

"Problems of Pre-Herodotan Sources in Libyan History". » see more

"The Roman Roads of Libya and their Milestones". » see more

"Some Aspects of the History of Libya during the Fatimid Period". » see more

"Byzantine Libya". » see more

"Roman Expedition to the Upper Nile and the Char-Darfur Region". » see more

"Libya's Role in Prehistory". » see more

"Prehistoric Saharan Art and Cultures in Light of Discoveries in the Acacus Massif (Libyan Sahara)". » see more

"Arkesilaus III". » see more

"The Greek Settlement in Cyrenaica, with Notes on Pottery Discovered There". » see more

"Considerazione Sulle Sculture di Leptis [Lepcis] Magna". » see more

"Primi Lineamenti per una Storia Dell' Architettura Cirenaica in Eta' Greca". » see more

"Roman and Native in the Tripolitanian Cities in the Early Empire". » see more

"The Relations Between the Order of Malta and Tripoli". » see more

"Pre-Roman Elements in the Architecture of Roman Tripolitania". » see more